Bottle Battles – Round 3

19 01 2009

In his triumphant return, Jesse enacts revenge on “The Tree” and vindicate himself in “Bottle Battles – Round 3.”

This time he has an increased amount of safety equipment.

We discovered that the key here is to use a bottle with a compressed / compound cork (natural cork pieces which have been reconstituted together). You can inspect the cork composition by peeling back the top of the capsule. It is advised, however, that you fully remove the capsule before attempting.

A fully natural cork does work but it takes much longer and necessitates a greater amount of force. A fully synthetic cork results in the bottle exploding (see Jesse vs. The Tree). A two handed swing should be utilized, as one arm does not seem to generate enough momentum. The momentary increase in internal pressure will force the cork out of the top of the bottle. This is only recommended in dire situations where other opening apparatuses are unavailable.

When it works, this is an awesome trick.

It is unclear why the cork material makes the difference. My theory is that it has to do with the exterior coating of the cork. The sides of synthetic corks often feel “tacky” (no pun intended) when you pull them from bottles and I believe this coating may result in too much friction for this trick to work. I would guess that natural corks fall somewhere in the middle of the friction scale and that the compound cork coating is somewhat slicker than the other two. Anyone in the cork business have any input on this? Please leave your comments below.



2 responses

19 01 2009

Awesome! Nice “emergency” instructional video!

13 02 2009
Wine Clubs of America

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