Press News and Event Notes

23 02 2009

Exciting Press News –

It has yet to be published (so fingers crossed) but I am thrilled to announce that Vin Collections is at least slated to be quoted in Smart Money Magazine. Even more exciting is that it will hopefully be alongside the indomitable Gary Vaynerchuk. Special thanks to Kate Klonick for helping to make this possible. You can follow along on Twitter with Gary’s adventures here and Kate’s here.

Event Notes –

Over the past few weeks I’ve attended four large tasting events in the Bay Area – the Benvenuto Brunello 2009, the ZAP Festival (attendance at both of these events courtesy of Thea Dwelle – Thank You Thea!), the “Around The World In 80 Sips” event (which I consulted on), and the Australian Bushfire Relief Benefit.  Each of these events provided some unique and interesting wines as well as different settings and production angles (although the “80 Sips” and “Australia Relief” events were both held at Crushpad). They were all awesome.

In the past I have had the privilege of attending tasting events as an organizer, a vendor, and an attendee. Each roll comes with its own rewards and challenges. As a participant observer at these recent events, aside from personal edification and having a ton of fun, my other take-away was the following:

After a certain point (likely rising in tandem with the BAC of the crowd) I noticed a distinct strain developing between the “pour-ers” and the “pour-ees.” Eventually a palpable frustration also grew on the part of the attendees vis-a-vis each other. It wasn’t that people weren’t having a great time (on the contrary) it was more that politeness and common courtesy just began to go out the window. This was really unfortunate. Did my noticing these interactions ruin my enjoyment of any of these events? Not in the least. Did it make me wonder what event producers and attendees could be doing to make these events better? Absolutely.

Having been to plenty of events involving huge crowds and mass alcohol consumption where this phenomenon did not develop, my question is this – Is a developing rudeness endemic to wine tastings? Any thoughts? If you have a story or notes about experiencing difficulties at tasting events, please share them in the comments below.



2 responses

23 02 2009
Jared Brandt

Having poured at a ton of events over the last 5 years, I have found that people forget what it means to be polite especially towards the end of any event.

I can’t tell you how many people have shoved their wine glass into my face in an effort to get a taste. Those same people tend to forget to say please and thank you.

Perhaps I should invite my grandmother to these events. Stern looks at those with poor manners might make a huge difference.

27 02 2009
Exploring New Wine - That’s Smart Money! « Vin Collections

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