Awesome In-Floor Cellar Design

11 03 2009

Check out this amazing cellar design.

My First Official Wineld Child

4 03 2009

Check out the new line of spring releases for A Donkey And Goat, including the first wine I named (!!) – The Prospector (a 95% Mourvedre, 5% Syrah) – on the spring release page.

Exploring New Wine – That’s Smart Money!

27 02 2009

As previously mentioned, check out the Vin Collections coverage in Smart Money –

All I can really say is what I said on Twitter already – “I’m honored to just be living in the same universe as @garyvee [Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library TV]…being included in the same article is almost too much to take.”

Press News and Event Notes

23 02 2009

Exciting Press News –

It has yet to be published (so fingers crossed) but I am thrilled to announce that Vin Collections is at least slated to be quoted in Smart Money Magazine. Even more exciting is that it will hopefully be alongside the indomitable Gary Vaynerchuk. Special thanks to Kate Klonick for helping to make this possible. You can follow along on Twitter with Gary’s adventures here and Kate’s here.

Event Notes –

Over the past few weeks I’ve attended four large tasting events in the Bay Area – the Benvenuto Brunello 2009, the ZAP Festival (attendance at both of these events courtesy of Thea Dwelle – Thank You Thea!), the “Around The World In 80 Sips” event (which I consulted on), and the Australian Bushfire Relief Benefit.  Each of these events provided some unique and interesting wines as well as different settings and production angles (although the “80 Sips” and “Australia Relief” events were both held at Crushpad). They were all awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

Wine Competition Judge Reliability

27 01 2009

From the Journal of Wine Economics, here is an interesting article on wine competition judge reliability from last fall. A special thanks to my good friend Joran for passing this study along. Comments and thoughts?

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Bottle Battles – Round 3

19 01 2009

In his triumphant return, Jesse enacts revenge on “The Tree” and vindicate himself in “Bottle Battles – Round 3.”

This time he has an increased amount of safety equipment.

We discovered that the key here is to use a bottle with a compressed / compound cork (natural cork pieces which have been reconstituted together). You can inspect the cork composition by peeling back the top of the capsule. It is advised, however, that you fully remove the capsule before attempting.

A fully natural cork does work but it takes much longer and necessitates a greater amount of force. A fully synthetic cork results in the bottle exploding (see Jesse vs. The Tree). A two handed swing should be utilized, as one arm does not seem to generate enough momentum. The momentary increase in internal pressure will force the cork out of the top of the bottle. This is only recommended in dire situations where other opening apparatuses are unavailable.

When it works, this is an awesome trick.

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The Wine Shop Customer Service Contest

8 01 2009

Vin Collections announces The Wine Shop Customer Service Contest!

If you want some background on how this contest evolved, please see the previous post – “Customer Service I Can Believe In” or click here.

The Idea –

To find the wine shops with the best (and worst) customer service, and to try and discover some wine shops you may not have previously visited. This is not designed to only illuminate stores with bad customer service (although I’m sure that will come out in some instances), but to really give kudos to the wine shops that are working hard to earn your business. Read the rest of this entry »


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